14 Ways to Protect Your Digital Privacy

March 01, 2017

Here are 14 simple ways to protect your digital privacy.

  1. Remember:  YOU decide what information about yourself to reveal, when, why, and to whom.

  2. Use encryption software to transmit sensitive data.

  3. Use fake birthdays or other false information for insignificant web signups.

  4. Use anonymizers to browse websites and HTTPS whenever possible.

  5. Examine web site privacy policies before providing information.

  6. Opt out of sharing personal data with another web site if the offer holds no interest.

  7. Make sure you use a secure computer and that firewall and software patches are up to date.

  8. Use multiple and “disposable” email addresses; separate work email, from public email, from email to communicate with preferred, trusted individuals.

  9. Don’t reveal personal details to strangers or just-met “friends”.

  10. Beware of sites that offer some sort of reward or prize in exchange for your contact information or other personal details.

  11. Use strong passwords.

  12. Keep security questions as private as your passwords.

  13. Ignore spam.

  14. Turn on cookie alerts.