Why Privacy Matters When There's Nothing to Hide

January 25, 2017

We all do things we don’t want others to see and take steps to prevent observation by others; for example, we all have curtains and lock our doors.  It’s not whether you’re a “good” person with nothing to hide or a “bad” person with secrets to hide.  It’s about selective control over what we share and with whom.  

We all have things that we share selectively, so why not extend that concept to social media posts?  By embracing social media, we can create important career opportunities, from simply expanding our networks and improving our knowledge, to exposing ourselves to jobs and viewpoints we may not have previously considered.

Being more judicious about what you share by deliberately managing platform settings to your comfort level where possible, you can mindfully curate your “digital footprint” to increase the odds that others who may not know you, like a potential employer, will form a positive impression of you.

Intentional social media sharing makes you in command of your narrative.  Adopt the philosophy to only post about others as you would like to have them post about you -  because privacy matters.